World War II AU

Magneto shaved off his hair to honor the passing of Professor Xavier, which leaves a striking visage – especially in that cover to Magneto #2, which evokes Xavier. How has Xavier has influenced him, both in history and in his absence now due to death?

Magneto and Xavier might have been enemies, but they were also the best of friends. Magneto admires what Xavier was trying to do. He only wishes it could have worked. Now, Magneto is haunted by Xavier’s death. Deep down, he knows that he needed Charles as a counterbalance. He feels as if they provided each other with a system of checks and balances. With Xavier gone, Magneto’s not sure that anyone else can stop him if he goes too far. — Cullen Bunn (x)
DOFP deleted scene


Okay, I haven’t posted anything in like too long, sorry. School is eating up all of my time. I did purchase and watch Days of Future Past over the weekend. I noticed there’s a deleted scene that they didn’t include with the movie. Y’know, the one on the plane where Charles fucks Erik silly all night long and they both walk past Logan the next morning holding hands? Yeah. We’re missing about twenty minutes of that film…

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All of the kids know when Erik and Charles finally get together because all of the utensils bend in half simultaneously

And then sheepishly begin to unfold

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